The StairworksTeam

If you are looking for steel stairs to complement your home or office in Auckland or anywhere in New Zealand, then Stairworks will be happy to provide them to you. Our experience is in the manufacture, supply, construction and installation of high-end architectural stairs.
When you work with our team, you will get nothing short of excellent workmanship and service.


Stairworks takes a great deal of pride in the staircases that we construct and build

We have been building staircases for years and have extensive experience building straight staircases, circular staircases, spiral stairs and much more...

We offer an end-to-end client experience, by providing full design services to build the staircase you envision. Take a look at the different styles of custom stairs and railings we can create.

Our past projects include new stair construction and Railing Installation.

We have a variety of staircase designs we can build in our shop. Take a look at our work and the different staircases and railings we can customize for your project. 

We do the work ourselves and don’t outsource it as our competitors do.