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An outdoor steel stringer staircase built by Stairworks.

The Glen Atkinson project was an exterior steel staircase also known as an outdoor stringer staircase. To add to the stair design, we chose to build pieces that support the treads a little more artistic so the gussets for the metal treads were shaped with a laser cutter. Additionally, the homeowners chose folded chequer point treads to prevent slipping and injury, a great added safety feature not a New Zealand building requirement.


The entire staircase had to be fully welded because it is outdoors, and in addition it was zinc sprayed and top coated for corrosion protection. This is similar to galvenising the stairs but it is not as rough of a process and the owners won’t have to respray the staircase. 


The stairs were designed for the top piece of the balustrade to be removable so that the homeowners could get larger items in and out of the top floor of their Auckland home. To achieve this, we made a bolt-able connection to the steel balustrade so they can unbolt that section of the balustrade. The handrail was also made a bit wider because the owners wanted a bigger grip.

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