Symmetrical stairs with open risers, timber treads and glass balustrade
Wooden railing on straight staircase with glass balustrade
Wooden handrail slotted over glass in perfect symmetry
Symmetrical staircase with timber treads and glass balustrades
Glass balustrades built to allow light in from skylight above
Steel stairs with wooden railing, glass balustrade, open risers and timber treads
Glass balustrade and wooden railing on straight staircase

The key theme for this staircase was symmetry. It was centred on both floors with all the rooms coming off a main hallway or landing that lead towards it.


The skylight was located in the ceiling above, therefore open risers and glass balustrades were used to take advantage of the light flooding in from it.


The stringers were formed by using two identical, laser-cut, mild, steel plates, that were welded together to form a channel for the glass balustrade to be perfectly centered between.


Finally, rather than spaced off with brackets, the handrail was slotted over the glass, so that it too, was symmetrical on either side.