Spiral staircase with reclaimed wood treads and glass balustrade
These NZ spiral stairs achieve the minimal look with open risers and glass balustrades
NZ spiral staircase lets in natural light
This spiral staircase is made of steel, reclaimed wood, and glass
Spiral staircase made of metal in New Zealand
The glass balustrade and wood handrail achieve the minimal look
This Auckland spiral staircase is a minimalistic design

In this warehouse conversion, the client added a mezzanine floor and converted the loft into a living space. The challenge they encountered from this, was that they did not have enough room for a traditional staircase.


Because the sole access to both floors had to be  placed in front of the home’s only source of natural light, our task was to create a two story, spiral staircase that allowed as much light in as possible.


We achieved this by using open risers and glass balustrades to keep the profile of this huge structure to a minimum. In addition, we added folded tread trays, which the client then infilled with timber that was reclaimed from the original building demolition, matching the timber to the ground floor.





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