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A curved steel staircase built by Stairworks for an Auckland home.

Martins Avenue is a beautiful, curved staircase made out of steel as the base material. Curved stairs are a challenge because you need to get the soffit (the underside of the staircase) curved and twisted around the base of the stairs to get the nice flowing lines. And because the timber work was outsourced to other builders, we had to work closely alongside them in order to get the soffit curved just right and ensure everything matched the flooring.


The other big challenge was that the curved balustrade needed to be an identical match to the staircase and have a nice, smooth, curved line. In order to achieve this, we built both the steel stairs and balustrade in the shop at the same time and match drilled the balustrade through. Therefore when we brought it to site we knew it would fit perfectly. The angle on the bottom of the balustrade was designed to cover the junction or zig zag angle between the steel and the timber. 


Because of how this staircase had to be designed and built, it was extremely heavy and a challenging install.  Additionally, as the walls of the site were all finished, we had to take all the necessary precautions to get the stairs installed without causing any damage or leaving any markings. Afterwards, the builders covered the underside with gib and closed risers to hide the cladding underneath. 


There was absolutely no room for error with this staircase and we at Stairworks, the builders and the clients are all extremely happy with the end result!

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