Floating stairs made of steel with glass balustrade in New Zealand
Floating staircase in Auckland with timber treads and glass balustrade
Cantilevered stairs in Auckland with wood treads
Floating staircase made of steel in Auckland

This cantilevered design gives true meaning to the term: floating staircase. We used a glass balustrade so the barrier from falling off the stairs that is required by building code was as invisible as possible, and we raised it off the floor at the bottom to enhance the floating illusion.


The stairs had a thick, steel plate stringer attached to the wall, which was hidden within the gib finish. The treads were large, steel components covered with a solid, timber box, completely concealing all the essential steel frames.


Timber caps on the outside of the glass were used to hide the glass connection fixings. We made them the same dimensions as the tread, which gives the illusion of the glass intersecting through the treads.