Exterior steel spiral stairs designed by Stairworks
Exterior steel staircase with timber treads designed by Stairworks
Fire escape spiral metal stairs built by Stairworks
Bespoke stair design by Stairworks for exterior spiral staircase in Auckland
Timber treads and steel railing for external staircase by Stairworks
Timber landing with steel handrail manufactured by Stairworks
Timber treads and steel balustrades on external staircase fabricated by Stairworks
Steel spiral staircase with wood treads by Stairworks
Architectural design of spiral staircase by Stairworks in Auckland

This beautiful, wharf-style warehouse conversion required an external access staircase to all floors of the building. The stair design is in-keeping  with the traditional style of this style building, but with a more minimal approach. The larger, winding treads and shallow rise of the staircase creates a stunning helix pattern, and the thin, steel sections that wrap around suspended, tensioned rods give the appearance of almost defying gravity. The staircase as a whole, is hung from above, making the engineering quite challenging. However, the feature this created from the top of the building was definitely worth the challenge.