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113 Torkar Road 0014.jpg

This luxury home on Torkar Road was a high end build out on Clark’s Beach in Auckland that we worked together on with one of our regular clients. Although the staircase design showed it was a normal spinal stringer (floating staircase), this ended up being a very interesting project.


One component of the stairs that our Stairworks team developed on was that the fixings were hidden where the metal balustrades joined into the wooden treads. We did this to the floating stairs to give a clean look to the treads without having the fixings take away from the overall modern design of the solid oak treads and steel spindle balustrade.


Additionally, this staircase design was able to pass engineering and building consent because the metal balustrade is high strength and rigid. This also allowed us to avoid needing any stanchions, which are the thicker posts, allowing us to stick with the sleek look.

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