Stairworks is a metal fabrication business, predominantly specialising in bespoke metal staircases. It was founded in February 2018 by directors Grant Payne and Elliot Collins, but their story started long before that.


They met in their early 20’s and quickly became mates by a shared passion; Grant was a builder by trade, and Elliot a fabricator welder. They moved together to London where they constructed numerous one off staircases on listed buildings.


Once moving back to their hometown of Auckland, they realised there was a void in this market, and that with their skills they could join forces to start a new business predominantly specialising in bespoke staircases that prioritises the satisfaction of their client.

Because of this focus, rather than hand off the work to someone else, Grant and Elliot are involved in each project in order to ensure that Staiworks has produced the highest quality metalwork.


In less than a year, they had built staircases in both commercial and residential premises, as well as provided general steel work such as: portal frames, beams, brackets, posts, etc.


Whether you are looking to replace something existing or design something completely new, their combined 30 years of experience in the field guarantees you a quality design and build.