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About Elliot

Elliot's journey in metal fabrication started at his apprenticeship in 2004, where he worked with steel, aluminium and stainless as a fabricator welder on petrol tankers. In 2012 he left New Zealand and his job of 8 years to move to London and fabricate staircases. In 2015, Elliot returned back home and managed a fabrication department of a business, where he brought his knowledge and skill set to the company in order to build numerous staircases and architectural steelwork.​ His experience includes both a fast-paced building environment focused on deadlines, as well as building staircases where attention to detail and precision is needed. Elliot has since combined these two work ethics to team up with Grant and help form the core values of Stairworks. He has made sure that he is involved in each project to deliver the highest quality of metalwork, which is visible in his most challenging job to date, a spiral staircase with a helix core called Kensington Mews.



About Grant

Grant completed his building apprenticeship in 2008, went on to lead a building team which included fabricating structural steel, and moved to London where he worked alongside Elliot for a business specialising in fabricating staircases and architectural steel work.​ Once returning to Auckland he joined into partnership with a building company that fabricated steel in-house. This helped him realise his true passion for steelwork and join Elliot to create Stairworks. ​ Because Grant is a builder, he is able to work with timber and has the knowledge of what builders need from a structural standpoint, allowing him to produce what is necessary without having to be asked. His greatest building strength is his accuracy in finishing, which has helped him thrive in the intricate craftsmanship of steelwork. This, combined with his passion to work alongside customers, has helped him overcome any problem to create their desired product.



About Will

After receiving his diploma in engineering, Will studied building surveying in Manchester. He started working for an interior design company detailing the design concepts for the various trades in order to facilitate the construction of their property renovations. He later moved to London to design staircases full time, and over the course of the next 15 years, the company he worked for went from a small design office, subcontracting the rest of the work, to having a full in-house fabrication workshop and installation team. Over this time Will has been involved in the realisation of hundreds of residential and commercial staircases and other architectural features. Because he has worked with every facet of the process, he is able to design a beautiful staircase with build-ability in mind that incorporates both aesthetics and functionality. It’s these skills and experience that have made him a valuable addition to Stairworks and expanded the business to now offer incredible designs and shop drawings.

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