Our in-house design team creates elegant and functional architectural staircases, which can inspire emotion and have the capability of being the focal point of the room. Our involvement in the beginning stages of your project, helps us truly understand the project itself in order to bring ideas and solutions that work specifically for you and blend seamlessly with the desired aesthetic of your overall project schemes.  We apply our skillsets and 30+ years of staircase experience to our designs, making  the process easy, efficient, and accurate. 

3D modelling allows us to create breathtaking designs and take them from concept to completion with transparency and complete accountability for the end product. All our designs are engineered and a PS1 is produced for council consent. 

Alternatively, we can work from supplied architectural and structural drawings to produce our own shop drawings that ensure compliance with NZ Building Code Clause D1 for Access Routes.

3D modelling for staircase design consultancy in Auckland

3D Modelling

Shop drawings for staircase design consultancy in Auckland


Staircase design consultancy in Auckland gives guidance in passing consent and building code


Metal fabrication business in Auckland builds architectural steel staircases


Staircase manufacturing company in Auckland offer steel and timber treads


Stairworks in Auckland also specialises in balustrades and handrails



Craftsmanship and quality are the foundation of every bespoke staircase we manufacture and install at Stairworks. Our proven shop drawing and quality assurance process allows us to build every  individual project accurately and highlight any potential issue prior to fabrication. 

Whether the project is residential or commercial, our services extend to staircases, balustrades, handrails, treads, and steel fabrication. We focus on high quality details, which is why our directors work closely with each client in order to produce precision and functionality.


And although our reputation is for our steelwork, we also often incorporate glass, timber and concrete elements, along with a variety of other materials, which are all produced to the same high standards that has become a trademark of Stairworks.



With over 30 years of combined experience and knowledge, we at Stairworks have established ourselves as an expert in Auckland’s steel fabrication  industry.


Whether it’s structural steel, portal frames, or general fabrication, we meet all industry requirements and simultaneously manufacture quality and intricately detailed products for both residential and commercial properties.


Stairworks works to A/sNZS1554.1 welding procedure and all our Fabricator/Welders have AS/NZS 2980 welding qualifications and follow a detailed quality assurance guideline.

Stairworks builds portal frames and general fabrication


Metal fabrication business in Auckland works with structural steel