Exterior steel staircase in Auckland
Outdoor stairs in Auckland built by Stairworks
Exterior staircase renovation in Auckland by Stairworks
Stairworks built exterior stairs with steel balustrades and timber treads in Auckland
Steel staircase with timber treads
Timber treads give this exterior steel staircase a more industrial look
Stairworks fabricated metal balustrades and handrails on this exterior staircase
Outdoor steel stairs with timber treads built by Stairworks
Stairworks specialises in exterior stairs in Auckland
Timber treads are a beautiful option for your outdoor staircase
Stairworks designed and built this exterior steel staircase in Auckland
Home renovation was complete with an outdoor steel staircase

This project was an external steel staircase with timber treads that was originally designed by the owner. We then shop drew it to his balustrade design and manufactured all the steel. 


There were two big challenges with this project: angles and installation. For the design, we had to find the right angles and match them exactly in order to have the staircase fit where it needed to go. Then we had to be tactful in our installation to work around the trees to keep them intact. We used a small crane to lift as the steel balustrades were quite heavy and avoid the small tree.