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A floating staircase designed by an architect with a slotted balustrade for light to pass through.

This floating staircase was designed by an architect for his home, and fabricated and installed by Stairworks. The steel balustrade was laser cut all on one sheet with slots that extends from the bottom of the stairs to the top. This design was created to make sure light was let through from the skylight above into the living room. A metal bar was also installed under each stair to close the riser for child safety.


The first three metal, blue steps are multi-functional. The side view displays their room for additional storage, as well as the two chairs inside that allow for additional seating. 


Because this was such a special and personal project, and the designer knew exactly what he wanted, he developed the entire project for a quick and easy installation, which allowed the installation to be completed in one day. 

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