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A mid-century modern floating staircase with darker wood treads and LED lights.

This floating staircase was a different style from the usual Stairworks design. The owner wanted us to design, fabricate and install the steel and the treads, so our in-house staircase designer drew everything out. Because the owner has strong ties to China, he had everything sent away in order for the treads to be manufactured there. What made this tricky was that there wasn’t any extra material so we had to be very careful with our quantities when we were finishing the floating staircase build. 


The treads have LED light strips underneath as well as a high polish, which give it a beautiful finish. The only challenge is that the darker wood and higher polish can sometimes show scratches more easily.


The stairs have a somewhat mid-century modern feel due to the square handrail and the Stairworks exclusive round spindle balustrade. This style of metal balustrade is one of our specialties as the fixing has been developed over the last year closely with our engineer allowing for there to be no fixings shown on the bottom of the tread while still achieving all engineering requirements. 

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