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This is a high end, modern art deco, L-shaped, floating staircase with a metal zig zag balustrade and walnut treads.

Elliot Street is one of our favourite floating stairs to date! This modern art deco staircase was part of a home renovation where the owners were adding a new addition to their Auckland home. It was designed with a steel zig zag balustrade and a wooden walnut handrail over the top of it which was cut and hand shaped on site. This style of metal balustrade is a solidly fabricated steel that is quite a heavy aesthetic, which we at Stairworks have noticed has been the preferred choice over glass this year. 


The steel single stringer underneath is the structural signature feature of this style of floating stairs. That in addition to the open risers and L shape is not only space saving but also gives a beautifully airy illusion that fits into that modern design. 


The wooden treads are made of walnut which we really loved working with as it is a very high end timber choice. The owners were able to reduce the cost by choosing to laminate the walnut treads to have the same look and colour. This was done by using pieces of small timber rather than one big chunk. The treads also have anti slip strips of aluminium running along and protruding 1mm off the end of the tread as an added safety feature to stop anyone from slipping down the stairs with socks on. We then hid the fixings of the balustrade with the help of a walnut end cap to cover all the fixings. 


This floating staircase was quite labour intensive in the installation because we at Stairworks take pride in our finishings meaning everything needs to be done correctly down to the last detail. In the end, both we and the homeowners were very happy with the end result!

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