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External, steel, floating staircase built by Stairworks in Auckland, New Zealand.

Our Ida Way project was an external staircase outside of Auckland that we supplied the steel for while the builder supplied the timber as well as fitted and installed the treads. One of the most important aspects to build these floating stairs was that there needed to be good communication between us at Stairworks and the builders in order to ensure we delivered a high end result while working together. In order to achieve this, everything had to be based on the shop drawings, which is just one example as to why it is so important to have accurate shop drawings with an experienced designer such as ours.


The owner wanted a floating staircase for his deck to keep his property nice and open and preserve the view. The challenge with this style as an outdoor feature, is you also have to account for water. You not only have to think about water flow and have holes to allow water to flow in and out of, but you also have to consider the impact of water on the steel over time. To account for this, we galvenised the staircase and put a three pot epoxy on top of that to ensure the longevity of the paint system.

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