Balustrade maintenance in commercial building in Auckland.
Steel handrail for stairs in Auckland commercial building.
Exterior staircase with metal balustrade and handrail system in Auckland.
Balustrade renovation by Stairworks.
Stairworks replaces steel balustrade and upgrades with a more modern design.
Steel handrail replacement is done replace rust.
Modern steel balustrade on this exterior staircase in Auckland.
Stairworks can maintain and replace stairs by upgrading the balustrade and handrail system.
Perforated steel balustrade gives this staircase a more modern look and design.

This was originally an existing balustrade that looked tired and worn out. It had horizontal, 60mm round bars that over time had bent due to the wear and tear of people’s feet on the staircase. 


We were asked to design a staircase revamp where we would remove the pre-existing balustrade, then manufacture and install a new one. We did this by cutting out the existing bars and replacing them with perforated mesh in order to give the stairs a more modern design. 


Additionally, this lowered the cost of the project as we didn’t have to build a whole new balustrade, but instead we retrofitted the perforated mesh between the existing stanchions. 


Our in-house designer ensured that fabrication would be a breeze, allowing our site specialists and fabrication team to complete the installation on site.