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Rustic style steel staircase with timber treads built by Stairworks in Auckland, New Zealand.

The client’s goal of this L-shaped staircase was for Stairworks to produce a centrepiece that kept with the rustic, ‘imperfect’ aesthetic of the home and appear as if it had always been there. This was quite the challenge as it takes a great deal of work to build a brand new steel staircase that is accurate but not flawless. However, this challenge made this a very enjoyable project to work on.


Stairworks used timber treads and a steel balustrade, handrail and support beams on these contemporary stairs. The chunky timber was hand selected 100mm oiled Macrocarpa with splits and knots that are normally rejected for use on new furniture, and both machined and fitted it on site. In addition, ‘working’ marks in the steel were left exposed and sometimes even added in certain places to achieve the client’s desired look.

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